Information Technology

With its Healthcare IT solutions, information technology has propelled the healthcare sector. By adhering to the principles of effectiveness, usability, customer relatedness, and clear communication, they assisted various businesses in identifying organizational goals and automating operations. The way we carry out our daily activities has altered dramatically as a result of healthcare information systems. Healthcare management software has a significant impact on streamlining numerous hospital processes. Healthcare analytics and big data solutions include several essential components that help in the efficient management of a hospital's daily operations. They focus on overseeing every aspect of a hospital and address particular areas like reception, inpatients, outpatients, and so on.

Advancing Healthcare

The Case for AI in Care Coordination

Healthcare systems everywhere are suffering from shortages of clinicians

Combating the Global Healthcare Cost Crisis with Artificial Intelligence

Over the course of the past two decades healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP has increased from to nearly in OECD countries

The Big Data Revolution in Healthcare

The global healthcare sector is facing various challenges fueled by the worldwide demographic trend of aging populations


Looking toward the future of interoperability

These enduring thoughts are pondered by decisionmakers in the healthcare world where organisations and providers strive every day to work towards a solution to these nuanced and complex questions


Diagnostics is the critical first step in the healthcare delivery chain as per cent of the treatment decisions are based on lab results


The Singapore story

Digital health may seem to be the elixir to achieving patientcentric health but theres more to patientcentricity than that For healthcare to be truly patientcentric it must first and foremost be integrated One Patient One Health Record as envisioned by Singapore


COVID has boosted datadriven healthcare There has been a boom in telehealth and innovation in data technology supporting pandemic response initiatives including genomic sequencing testing and tracing and the remote monitoring of COVID patients

Role of Telemedicine and Digital Technologies

Future of emergency care services in India

Emergency care services have been designed to provide timely and immediate care to timesensitive conditions In any sort of medical emergency

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